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Parking permits are usually required to park on the UCSD campus. You may obtain a parking permit at the campus Transportation Office located in the Gilman Parking Structure. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm. For additional parking information, including parking fees visit Transportation and Parking Services or call (858) 534-4223.

Note: You will need your UCSD Identification card in order to purchase a parking pass.

Monthly parking fees may be paid via payroll deduction, personal check or other methods. Parking is prohibited in loading zones or other areas on campus that are not designated for parking.

  • Faculty members are eligible for "A" (red) parking permits.
  • Most staff members are eligible for "B"(green) parking permits.
  • Students are eligible for "S" (yellow) parking permits

Parking for Guests and Visitors

Unmetered spaces are available for visitors with a university parking permit, which may be purchased at the Parking Office or the Information Booth located at the Gilman Drive entrance to campus.

If you need to provide a complimentary day parking permit to a guest or visitor, contact Damarys.

For faculty recruits & distinguished lecturer/colloquia speakers, please contact Damarys.