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Information & Resources for Ethnic Studies Students 


Student Petition Form for non-ETHN Courses

Courses from other departments or colleges can be petitioned by uploading specific documents into our ONLINE PETITION SUBMISSION WEBSITE. You are required to upload two documents. The first is a Student Petition Form provide below with your information and the request and a detailed syllabus with academic readings and assignments. Upload a completed Student Petition Form for review via the Ethnic Studies ONLINE PETITION SUBMISSION WEBSITE.
During the Academic Year, it may take 4 to 6 weeks for results and you will be notified by email or via VAC with the results or request for more information. 
Below is are two examples of what to write in a Student Petition
To review and approve ETST 002 from UC Riverside as a lower-division Ethnic Studies elective and to meet the DEI requirement. 
To use ETST 002 as a lower-division elective for my Ethnic Studies minor and/or complete my DEI requirement. 
To review and approve EDS 116 Equity Minded Education in Student Affairs at UCSD as an upper-division Ethnic Studies elective.
To use EDS 116 for the upper-division for my Ethnic Studies Double Major.

Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grade Option for Spring 2020 Courses ONLY 

Typically, except for independent study course electives (ETHN 197, 198, or 199) which are always taken with a Pass/Not Pass grade option, undergraduate students majoring in Ethnic Studies may take up to two courses, and students minoring in Ethnic Studies may take up to one course with a Pass/Not Pass option.
For Spring Quarter 2020 Ethnic Studies is waiving this limit and any courses taken P/NP during this period will not count toward the above limits for majors or minors. In addition, UC San Diego has deemed that any course taken P/NP in Spring 2020 will not count towards the 25% cap on P/NP courses for the Bachelor’s degree. Students must still select the P/NP option via WebReg and may change their selection of P/NP or Letter Grade through the end of Week 10 (6/5/2020).
To view the official deadline dates visit this UC San Diego webpage: 

Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grade Option for Fall 2020 Courses

Per the request of the University, Ethnic Studies will support Student Petitions for additional P/NP courses due to the circumstances associated with the coronavirus pandemic and remote learning.  


Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grade Option for Spring 2020 Courses ONLY 


For Spring Quarter 2020 graduate students in the Ethnic Studies Ph.D. program may select to take their courses with the S/U grading option instead of the standard Letter Grade.


DEI Courses and Petitioning DEI from other institutions   

Although our ETHN courses are about diversity, equity and inclusion, not all of them are on the DEI list. 

Only the specific courses on the DEI list are applicable: dei-list-of-courses.pdf (

If you are taking an ETHN course that is not on the DEI list it cannot be added to the DEI list. The Academic Senate will not approve petitions for the UC San Diego courses that are not already on the DEI list .

If you took a course at another college or university, you can petition the course by providing a robust syllabus with the readings/authors and assignment and submit a Student Petition. Scroll up to the top of this webpage and follow the instructions for submitting a Student Petition carefully.


Wait List Policy and Procedures

Automated Wait Lists

Wait lists at UC San Diego are automated. When a seat becomes available in a course, the next eligible person on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled. Each person on the wait list waits to see if a space becomes available in the course or section you have decided to wait for. Electing to place yourself on the wait list does not guarantee enrollment. 

Student Petitions

Student Petition Form for non-ETHN Courses

Courses from other departments or colleges can be petitioned. Please submit a syllabus and a completed Student Petition Form via email to for review. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for results and sometimes longer during breaks and the summer.