Minor Requirements

The Ethnic Studies minor consists of a total of seven (7) courses. Students wishing to minor in Ethnic Studies have two options:

Option 1

Lower-Division Core Courses and Electives

  • Take two 4-unit lower-division courses from the Ethnic Studies 1-2-3, Introduction to Ethnic Studies, sequence:

    • ETHN 1. Land and Labor
    • ETHN 2. Circulations of Difference
    • ETHN 3. Making Culture
    • ETHN 20. Introduction to Asian American Studies (via petition)
  • Five upper-division ETHN elective courses. Please see the minor course list below for approved upper-division elective courses.

Option 2

Upper-Division Core Courses and Electives

  • Take two 4-unit upper-division foundation courses:
    • ETHN 100A. Ethnic Studies: Theoretical Approaches
    • ETHN 100B. Interdisciplinary Methodologies
  • Five upper-division ETHN elective courses. Please see the minor course list below for approved upper-division elective courses.

Minor Electives

Please see Current Schedule for quarterly course offerings.

Course List

  • ETHN 101. Ethnic Images in Film
  • ETHN 102. Science and Technology in Society: Race/Gender/Class
  • ETHN 103. Environmental Racism
  • ETHN 104. Race, Space, and Segregation
  • ETHN 105. Ethnic Diversity and the City
  • ETHN 106. Life, Death, and the Human
  • ETHN 107. Fieldwork in Racial and Ethnic Communities
  • ETHN 108. Race, Culture, and Social Change
  • ETHN 109. Race and Social Movements
  • ETHN 110. Cultural World Views of Indigenous America
  • ETHN 111. Native American Literature
  • ETHN 112A. History of Native Americans in the United States I
  • ETHN 112B. History of Native Americans in the United States II
  • ETHN 113. Decolonizing Education
  • ETHN 114A. Representing Native America
  • ETHN 114B. Representing Native America - Exhibition Design
  • ETHN 115. Monsters, Orphans, and Robots
  • ETHN 116. The United States-Mexico Border in Comparative Perspective
  • ETHN 117. Organic Social Movements
  • ETHN 118. Contemporary Immigration Issues
  • ETHN 119. Race in the Americas
  • ETHN 120. Race and Performance: The Politics of Popular Culture
  • ETHN 121. Contemporary Asian American History
  • ETHN 122. Asian American Culture and Identity
  • ETHN 123. Asian American Politics
  • ETHN 124. Asian American Literature
  • ETHN 125. Asian American History
  • ETHN 126. Comparative Filipino- and Vietnamese-American Identities and Communities
  • ETHN 127. Sexuality and Nation
  • ETHN 128. Hip Hop: The Politics of Culture
  • ETHN 129. Asian and Latina Immigrant Workers in the Global Economy
  • ETHN 130. Social and Economic History of the Southwest I
  • ETHN 131. Social and Economic History of the Southwest II
  • ETHN 132. Chicano Dramatic Literature
  • ETHN 133. Hispanic American Dramatic Literature
  • ETHN 134. Immigration and Ethnicity in Modern American Society
  • ETHN 135A. Early Latino/a-Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1848 to 1960
  • ETHN 135B. Contemporary Latino/a-Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1960 to Present
  • ETHN 136. The Science and Critical Analysis of Environmental Justice
  • ETHN 137. Latina Issues and Cultural Production
  • ETHN 139. Chicano Literature in English
  • ETHN 140. Comparative Refugee Communities from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
  • ETHN 141. Gandhi in the Modern World: From Civil Rights to the Arab Spring
  • ETHN 142. Medicine, Race, and the Global Politics of Inequality
  • ETHN 143. Chicana/o Film and Media Studies
  • ETHN 146A. Theatrical Ensemble
  • ETHN 147. Black Feminisms, Past and Present
  • ETHN 149. African American History in the Twentieth Century
  • ETHN 150. Visuality, Sexuality and Race
  • ETHN 151. Ethnic Politics in America
  • ETHN 152. Law and Civil Rights
  • ETHN 153. Citizenship and Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century
  • ETHN 154. History of Mexican America
  • ETHN 155. US Militarism
  • ETHN 155GS. Critical Perspectives on the Vietnam War
  • ETHN 157. Madness and Urbanization
  • ETHN 158. Native American Intellectuals in the 20th Century
  • ETHN 159. Topics in African American History
  • ETHN 160. Global Indigenous Studies
  • ETHN 161. Black Politics and Protest since 1941
  • ETHN 162. Practicum in California Tribal Law and Journalism
  • ETHN 163E. Decolonial Theory
  • ETHN 163F. Playing Indian: Native American and First Nations Cinema
  • ETHN 163G. Indigenous Theatre and Performance 
  • ETHN 163I. Asian American Histography
  • ETHN 164. African Americans and the Mass Media
  • ETHN 165. Sex and Gender in African American Communities
  • ETHN 166. Arab/Muslim American Identity and Culture
  • ETHN 168. Comparative Ethnic Literature
  • ETHN 169. Origins of the Atlantic World, c. 1450–1650
  • ETHN 170. Slavery and the Atlantic World
  • ETHN 172. Afro-American Prose
  • ETHN 173GS. Gender, Sexuality and War
  • ETHN 174. Themes in Afro-American Literature
  • ETHN 175. Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
  • ETHN 177. Listening to the World
  • ETHN 178. Blues: An Oral Tradition
  • ETHN 179. Discover Jazz  
  • ETHN 179A. Jazz Roots and Early Development (1900–1943)
  • ETHN 179B. Jazz Since 1946: Freedom and Form
  • ETHN 180. Topics in Mexican American History
  • ETHN 182. Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • ETHN 183. Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Class
  • ETHN 184. Black Intellectuals in the Twentieth Century
  • ETHN 185. Discourse, Power, and Inequality
  • ETHN 187. Latina/o Sexualities
  • ETHN 188. African Americans, Religion, and the City
  • ETHN 189. Special Topics in Ethnic Studies
  • *ETHN 197. Fieldwork in Racial and Ethnic Communities
  • *ETHN 198. Directed Group Studies
  • *ETHN 199. Supervised Independent Study and Research
*Only one Special Studies course will be counted in fulfillment of the elective requirement.


  • To satisfy the requirements for the minor, lower- and upper-division courses must be completed with a P, C-, or better grade.
  • Except for independent study course electives (ETHN 197,198,199) which are always taken with a Pass/No Pass grade option, students minoring in Ethnic Studies may take one course, either lower- or upper-division, with a Pass/No Pass grade option.

For More Information

If you would like to declare an Ethnic Studies major or minor, please follow the steps on Tritonlink: under "Advising & Grades" click on "Major and Minor".

For more information and degree planning, please contact: ethnicstudies@ucsd.edu.