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Department Fax

The department fax is located in the mailroom (SSB 204). Its phone number (for incoming faxes) is (858) 534-8194. Please make every effort to ensure that incoming faxes are addressed properly to the sender. If you are expecting a confidential fax, you should be present when it is transmitted, or notify a departmental assistant so that they may look for it and place it in your mailbox.

How do I send a Fax?

Basic Operating Instructions:

  1. Load your document face down into the document feeder.
  2. Dial your destination's fax number.
    • On campus: dial the 5 digit extension
    • Local off campus: dial the "8" and the fax number
    • Domestic Long distance: dial * 6 * + IDcode + #8 + area code + 7 digit phone number
    • International Long distance: dial * 6 * + IDcode + #16 + country code + city code + local number
  3. Press "Start" button to begin fax transmission.


  • IDcode refers to your long distance authorization code. If you do not have an IDcode please contact Damarys.
  • For long distance calls, be sure to include the area code or country/city code with the fax number
  • The document will be automatically saved into the fax memory so waiting for the transmission is not necessary. If you receive a busy signal you do not have to wait. The document will redial until the line is free up to 30 minutes.

Who can use the Fax machine?

Faculty, Staff, Visitors and Graduate students can use the department fax machine. If needed, visitors and graduate students should ask their faculty sponsor for an IDcode.

Where do I pick up my Fax?

Unclaimed faxes are located in the tray next to the fax machine. If properly addressed, a staff member will put unclaimed faxes in the appropriate mailbox in the mailroom at the end of each workday.

What does it mean if the fax machine keeps beeping?

Usually the machine will beep if you misdial the number or if you use the wrong long distance access code. For international faxes be sure that you have the correct country code and that you use the number 16 instead of 8. If the machine beeps, hit stop and start over again. Note: When you hit stop, the fax machine will automatically print a message confirmation.

Why can't I fax long distance?

You must have a long distance ID code to fax outside of the San Diego area. Ask your faculty sponsor for access to their ID code. The faculty member may either let you use their code or they can establish a separate code for your use.

What if I get a busy signal?

Your fax is saved in the fax memory. You do not have to wait around if the fax line is busy; the fax machine will redial the number (for up to 30 minutes) and send your fax when the line is free. If the line does not become free in 30 minutes, you will have to resend your fax.

Where is the fax paper stored?

The paper for the fax machine is stored in the mailroom.

What if I used the wrong number?

Usually, the fax will not go through with an incorrect number. However, the number could be a valid fax line. If you realize you have typed a wrong number, you should hit the stop button. If you hit the stop button before transmission begins, the fax will be cancelled.

How can I print a message confirmation?

If you need proof that a fax has been sent, hit the "copy" but ton twice and a message confirmation will print out.