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Double Major Requirements


To be considered for a double major, a student needs to make sure you meet the following requirements before declaring a double major:

  • Have completed at least 90 units and no more than 135 units. Contact your college to discuss if AP credits and transfer courses apply to that unit count.
  • Have at least 2.5 overall GPA
  • Have completed a majority of the prerequisite courses for both majors
  • Be able to satisfy the requirements for BOTH majors with no more than 240 total units
  • Communicate with both departments or programs and your college to discuss your academic goal.
  • Overlapping of two upper-division courses may be permitted if the two majors are similar. Courses from other departments or colleges can be petitioned, please sumbit a Student Petition Form and the course syllabus via email to for review. 
  • Restrictions may apply and you must consult and get approval with academic advisors from both majors.

Learn more about the double major process here and set-up an appointment for more info at