Shaista Patel

Assistant Professor

Shaista Patel
  • 9500 Gilman Dr
    Room 221
    Mail Code: 0522
    La Jolla , California 92093


Shaista Patel joined Ethnic Studies Department as a scholar of Critical Muslim Studies in July 2018. She received her PhD in Social Justice Education and graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies from University of Toronto in Aug 2018. Before joining UCSD, Shaista taught courses as a sessional instructor in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at U of Toronto. Trained as an interdisciplinary scholar, her primary research interests include diverse fields such as Critical Muslim, Transnational, Critical Indigenous, South Asian and Black feminist studies. Her past and future publications traverse discrepant spatialities and temporalities in order to re-examine what we know and have yet to learn about entanglements of bodies, colonialism, race, gender, religion, caste, capitalism, and relations of labor. She is primarily interested in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in critical Muslim studies, decolonial theory, questions of solidarity (from Palestine, North America to Kashmir), and cultural and social movements with special emphasis on questions of non-Black, non-Indigenous people of color complicity in settler colonialism. Her work has appeared as book chapters from Palgrave Macmillan and UBC Presses. She’s also published articles in Theory & Event, Feral Feminisms (as co-editor of an issue) and Cultural studies (forthcoming).