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UCSD & Ethnic Studies Entertainment Policy

The University has maximum rates that are used for reimbursing entertainment expenses. These are UC rules and cannot be changed by the department. The reimbursement rates below are per person, including the guest(s), official UCSD host and UC employee participant(s). Anything beyond these dollar amounts requires approval for policy exception by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (EVCAA). The department has a long-standing tradition of not requesting such exceptions. VC's traditionally view excessive entertainment expenses as a poor use of resources.

Maximum per person Meal Reimbursement Rates

  • Breakfast: $31.00
  • Lunch: $54.00
  • Dinner: $94.00
  • Light Refreshment: $22.00

Ethnic Studies Entertainment Policy for lunch

Since lunches at the Faculty Club are quite reasonable, limits placed on attendance are more flexible (usually not to exceed 8 or so). To host a small group lunch at the faculty club, pick up a faculty club card from the Samira. You must drop off the card to Samira or Damarys along with the receipt after the lunch. Be sure to let them know the reason for the lunch so they can recharge the expense to the proper index number.

If it is expected that a large group will be in attendance for lunch at the Faculty Club, it is possible to reserve a private room. Please approve this with the Chair beforehand and let Damarys know if you need a reservation made.

Ethnic Studies Entertainment Policy for Dinner

The department will reimburse up to a maximum of $312 for dinner expenses (4 attendees @ $78 each). If a more reasonably priced restaurant is chosen, more individuals may attend the dinner (e.g., 10 people at $31.20 each), as long as the total does not exceed $312.00.

You may not exceed this dollar amount - regardless of the project number used. Any expenses exceeding this limit will be out of pocket for the host.

University Guidelines Regarding Reimbursement for Alcohol and Meals

  • State Appropriations General Funds (13991) and Specific and Special State Appropriations cannot be used to reimburse any portion of meal expenses in excess of the allowed amounts. 
  • Original itemized (showing number of attendees) receipts must be attached to all reimbursement requests. Itemized receipts in addition to charge-card receipts must be submitted so that the food and beverage charges can be properly identified. Any request or reimbursement of alcohol charges needs vice chancellor approval.

For additional information on this policy, visit UCSD Entertainment Policy.