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Additional Compensation From UC Sources

Additional Compensation during the Academic Year

Additional compensation is any compensation, other than an administrative stipend, paid by the University in excess of an appointee's full-time salary. Detailed information on UC policy regarding additional compensation can be found in sections 660-667 of the APM, available at:

Faculty members with full-time, academic year (nine-month), appointments may not receive additional compensation from University sources for services directly related to their recognized duties during the academic year (from the beginning of the Fall Quarter, as established in the University calendar, through the end of the Spring Quarter).

Faculty members who are expecting summer compensation should contact the CAO regarding payment arrangements.

Additional Compensation for Outside Professional Activities and UC Policy on Conflict of Commitment

Faculty members participate in a wide variety of outside professional activities, some of which may involve compensation. These activities may include, but are not limited to, serving on committees, panels, or commissions established by a Federal, State or local governmental agency; industrial consulting; acting in an editorial capacity for a professional journal; reviewing journal or book manuscripts or grant or contract proposals on an ad hoc basis; practicing a profession on a part-time basis; and testifying as an expert in a court of law. Because compensated outside professional activity may raise the appearance, or the reality, of a conflict of commitment to the faculty member’s University obligations, the University has established specific guidelines for managing such activity. These guidelines are presented in APM-025-10; mechanisms for managing them are presented in APM-025-20:

Faculty members who have questions regarding these guidelines should meet with the CAO, who will help determine whether or not official EVCAA approval is required for a particular activity. More detailed information on the policies related to Conflict of Commitment is available on the following web sites:

Reporting Outside Activities - UC OATS

The University of California Outside Activity Tracking System (UC OATS) is an easy-to-use, web-based application through which university faculty members can report outside activities and income, in accordance with UCOP conflict of commitment policies. It employs a simple, yet interactive format that facilitates the submission and collection of information about outside professional activities, and helps faculty understand the related policies. 

UC Oats Tutorial:

Additional Summer Compensation

Faculty members may receive compensation for extramurally funded research projects, summer session teaching, or by special agreement (i.e., as part of their recruitment package at the time of hire). The total amount of additional summer compensation must not exceed three ninths (including payments from Summer Session and University Extension) of a faculty member's normal annual salary. The summer compensation pay rate is based upon the faculty member's salary effective 7/1 of the current year, except for Summer Session appointments, which are based on the annual rate effective 6/30.


Please see the CAO if you have general questions regarding benefits. Information and forms are available on the UC Benefits website at: 

You may also contact Ms. Noelle Zouari the Benefits Analyst for all Academic Affairs departments/schools at or by telephone: 858-822-4514. It is recommended that you pose specific questions regarding benefits coverage during a leave of absence/sabbatical, the retirement program, payroll deductions for retirement and other benefits programs, as well as service credit buyback arrangements directly to Ms. Zouari.

Faculty members are responsible for submitting forms regarding health insurance, retirement plans, payroll deductions, beneficiaries, and dependent care to the appropriate office. The Department does not maintain files on your enrollment in retirement plans and payroll deductions.

Benefit Orientation for New Employees

Benefits orientation is offered via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to inform eligible faculty and staff about university health, welfare and retirement plans.

New employees or those newly eligible for benefits should attend within their Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE). You will learn about the university's health plans, disability, life & accident insurance, other UC benefits programsretirement benefits, and receive answers to questions you may have about UC benefits. Be sure to attend within your PIE, or 31 days from the date of hire or transfer to a benefits-eligible position, to enroll in benefits.

If you have questions about Benefits Orientation, contact the Campus Benefits Office at or (858) 534-2816.

2020 Benefits Orientation Schedule