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Undergraduate Program


Faculty and students may contact Monica Rodriquez for explanations of major/minor requirements, course approvals, petitions, and forms processing.  You can also go to for more resources.

Concurrent Enrollment through University Extension

Names of concurrently-enrolled students do not appear on regular class rosters, but on separate listings forwarded by University Extension.

Regularly enrolled students have priority when there is a space issue in a classroom. The Department does not get enrollment credit for concurrently enrolled students.

Education Abroad and Opportunities Abroad Programs

Faculty may direct students to Monica for information on study abroad programs. Students must submit the “Undergraduate Student Petition” to the Department to obtain approval for study abroad courses to count towards major requirements.

Enrollment Procedures

The following courses require Department authorization for enrollment: ETHN 97, 98, 99, 180, 100H, 196H, 197, 198, and 199, and certain courses with language proficiency pre-requisites or class standing pre-requisites. Undergraduates who wish to enroll in graduate seminars need the signature of the instructor on an add card and should indicate a “letter-grade” option.

Students who have questions about pre-requisites, or those who are interested in a enrolling in a class that is full, should contact Monica or the department as soon as possible (this includes priority enrollment for graduating seniors, majors and minors) and confirm their interest by adding their name to the waitlist. Students must use WebReg to enroll in a course.

The end of Week 2 of each quarter is the deadline for undergraduate students to add classes in TritonLink. Students who are dropped for non-payment or other circumstances need to re-enroll. Please refer students whose enrollment has been cancelled to Monica for re-authorization to enroll in a class.

The end of Week 4 is the last day students may change the grading option for a course (from P/NP to a Letter Grade or vice versa).

Students who drop a course after the last day of Week 4 will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) grade on their transcripts. The final day to withdraw from a course without a grade of “F” is the last day of Week 9. If a student has circumstances beyond their control that arise before the final examination period, contact Monica as soon as possible before the final exam. Because Incomplete grades are granted only when a student’s work is of non-failing quality, and by permission from instructor, students should be advised to exercise the ninth-week drop option if their work is not of passing quality at that time. See “Intended use of the Incomplete” in the UCSD General Catalog for guidance. Students are responsible for the deadlines that are provided by the Registrar’s office.

Undergraduate Academic Procedure Forms

  • Petition for Incomplete Grade
  • Correction of Grade
    • Instructors can change a submitted grade because of a clerical or procedural error through eGrades. Filing a grade change for a previous term automatically generates an e-mail that is sent to the students whose grades have changed, to the instructor, and to the department chair, in lieu of the chair’s signature.  This process replaces the Clerical Error Form.
  • Undergraduate Student Petition
    • This is a Student Petition Form used to petition or transfer courses from other departments, colleges and universities (including Education Abroad) and apply them to the Ethnic Studies major, to add a course after grades are recorded, to correct enrollment errors, and to make exceptions to major and minor requirements. Student petitions forms are also available from Monica and should be returned to her for processing after the student has obtained the instructor’s signature. You are also welcome to print your own form:
  • Degree Checks
    • These are processed by the electronic DARS system. Monica does the preliminary check for each degree application and then prints and gives the form to the Chair who further reviews and signs the degree check. Monica then electronically approves department major requirements to degree checks via the DARS system for final electronic approval by the College academic advising office.