Faculty Publications 


Yến Lê Espiritu

Departures: An Introduction to Critical Refugee Studies 


Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refugees 

Homebound: Filipino American Lives across Cultures, Communities, and Countries 

Filipino American Lives


Asian American Women and Men: Labor, Laws, and Love

Asian American Panethnicity: Bridging Institutions and Identities  



Ross Frank

From Settler to Citizens: New Mexican Economic Development and the Creation of Vecino Society, 1759 - 1820 


Edited by Ross Frank and Jesús F. de la Teja

Choice, Persuasion, and Coercion: Social Control on Spain's North American Frontiers



 Andrew Jolivette 

Louisiana Creole Peoplehood: Afro-Indigeneity and Community


American Indian and Indigenous Education: A Survey Text for the 21st Century 

Indian Blood: HIV and Colonial Trauma in San Francisco's Two-Spirit Community 

Research Justice: Methodologies for Social Change 

Obama and the Biracial Factor: The Battle for a New American Majority 

Louisiana Creoles: Cultural Recovery and Mixed-Race Native American Identity 


Cultural Representation in Native America 



  Curtis Marez 

University Babylon: Film and Race Politics on Campus 


Farm Worker Futurism: Speculative Technologies of Resistance 

Drug Wars: The Political Economy of Narcotics 



 Christen T. Sasaki

Pacific Confluence: Fighting over the Nation in Nineteenth-Century Hawai'i

 Pacific Confluence

 Shelley Streeby

Imagining the Future of Climate Change: World-Making through Science Fiction and Activism  

Radical Sensations: World Movements, Violence, and Visual Culture  

American Sensations: Class, Empire, and the Production of Popular Culture  


Empire and the Literature of Sensation: An Anthology of Popular Nineteenth-Century Fiction 



 Daphne Taylor-Garcia

The Existence of the Mixed Race Damnés: Decolonialism, Class, Gender, Race


K. Wayne Yang

A Third University is Possible 


Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education: Mapping the Long View

Toward What Justice?: Describing Diverse Dreams of Justice in Education 

Youth Resistance Research and Theories of Change