Ethnic Studies Faculty Administrative Committees, 2017-18

Faculty Department Administrative Appointments

  • Department Chair - Dayo F. Gore
  • Vice Chair - Shelley Streeby
  • Director of Graduate Studies - Roshanak Kheshti
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies - Kirstie Dorr
  • Graduate TA Coordinator: Sara Kaplan
  • Affiliates Committee: Curtis Marez

Colloquium Planning Committee

The Department invites guest lecturers to appeal to a broad departmental and campus audience. These lectures are open to the public and usually scheduled on Wednesdays from 3-5, typically in one of the SSB conference rooms on the ground level. A Colloquium Planning Committee will be formed every year and will be responsible for planning and organizing the Department Colloquium.   If we have job talks, they will take the place of the colloquium that quarter.

  • Daphne Taylor-Garcia
  • Wayne Yang
  • Shelley Streeby
  • Graduate Student Representative - Krys Mendez 

Graduate Record Committee

  • Ross H Frank
  • Jillian Hernandez 

Graduate Admissions Committee

  • Frank H. Ross
  • Curtis Marez

Chair’s Advisory Committee (CAC) 

The Chair’s Advisory Committee is a non-voting committee whose purpose is to advise the Chair on departmental matters.  It is a 3-member committee that includes the Chair, Vice Chair, and one appointed member, preferably from the Assistant Professor rank. Committee will meet once a quarter or as needed.

  • Shelley Streeby
  • Wayne Yang
  • Daphne Taylor-Garcia

Graduate Council

The Ethnic Studies Graduate Council is composed of the Graduate Records Committee and the Graduate Admissions Committee.The Graduate Council will meet at the discretion of the DGS, normally twice a year.

Community Engagement Committee

  • Yen Espiritu
  • Dayo F. Gore

San Diego partnerships, fundraising, development. 

  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Graduate representative: Noelle Sepina

TA Representative

  • Sara Kaplan

Faculty Campus-wide Committee Assignments

  • Academic Senate Representative - Jillian Hernandez
    • Alternate - Daphne Taylor-Garcia
  • Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) - Sara Kaplan
    • Alternate - Ross H. Frank
  • Committee on Committees - Yen Espiritu
  • Council on Undergraduate Education Representative - TBD
  • Division of Arts & Humanities cross-divisional search in Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society: Business Ethics – Ross Frank
  • Division of Social Sciences cross-divisional search in Exploring the Cultural Basis of Knowledge, Learning, and Creativity – Sara Kaplan
  • DEI Committee - TBD



1. Affiliates Working Group

This working group identifies needs and talk to interested affiliates about joining the department of Ethnic Studies. 

  • Curtis Marez

2. Graduate Curriculum Revision Committee

  • Jillian Hernandez
  • Ross H. Frank
  • Dayo F. Gore