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Ethnic Studies Faculty

The Ethnic Studies curriculum is built upon both the individual interests and collective strengths of our faculty. We emphasize the use of interdisciplinary methodologies (such as archival, ethnographic, literary and critical cultural approaches) and comparative and relational frameworks (including transhistorical, transnational, feminist, queer, and decolonial analytics). Faculty members demonstrate a robust range of research and teaching specializations, yet we share a common interest in how relations of difference are produced, inhabited, and transformed. Particular areas of focus include aesthetics, performance, and cultural production; materialist approaches to labor, value and consumption; science and technology; (settler) colonialism, migration, and movement. Please see individual profiles for more information.

Department Faculty

  • Patrick W. Anderson

    Patrick W. Anderson

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Performance Studies, University of California, Berkeley
    Joint appointment with Department of Communication
    Performance studies and cultural studies; women, gender, and sexuality

  • Kirstie Dorr

    Kirstie Dorr

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Comparative Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
    Critical race and gender studies, transnational cultural studies, and political geography, Latin America and the Latino/a United States

  • Fatima El-Tayeb

    Fatima El-Tayeb


    Ph.D., History, University of Hamburg
    Joint appointment with Department of Literature
    African Diaspora Studies, Queer Theory, Transnational Feminism, Film Studies, European Migrant and Minority Cultures, Queer of Color Critique, Visual Cultural Studies, Media Theory

  • Yen Le Espiritu

    Yen Le Espiritu

    Distinguished Professor

    Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles
    Gender and migration; Race and U.S. militarism; Refugee studies; Asian American studies; Southeast Asian American Studies

  • Ross H. Frank

    Ross H. Frank

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., History, University of California, Berkeley
    Native American History and Culture; Colonial Americas; Material Culture Studies; Indian-White Relations

  • Dayo F. Gore

    Dayo F. Gore

    Associate Professor and Chair

    Ph.D., History, New York University
    African American Women's history; U.S. Political and Cultural Activism; African American and the African Diaspora politics; and Gender and Sexuality studies

  • Sara C. Kaplan

    Sara C. Kaplan

    Director, Critical Gender Studies Program
    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
    Literatures and cultures of the African Diaspora; feminitst and queer theory; comparative ethnic studies; critical race feminism; theories of performance and performativity

  • Roshanak Kheshti

    Roshanak Kheshti

    Director of Graduate Studies
    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Cultural Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Transnational feminisms and cultural anthropology, third world feminist theories, transnational queer theories, cross-cultural gender studies, sexuality, global popular culture

  • Curtis F. Marez

    Curtis F. Marez


    Ph.D., English, University of California, Berkeley
    Latino/a studies, migration studies, and technology studies

  • Shelley Streeby

    Shelley Streeby


    Ph.D., English, University of California, Berkeley
    19th and 20th Century US Literature and Culture; Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies; Comparative Colonialisms, War, and Cultural Memory; Fantasy, SF, and Speculative Fiction; Gender Studies and Queer Theory; Film, Media, and Visual Culture; Labor, Transnational Social Movements, and Radical History; American Studies

  • Daphne Taylor-García

    Daphne Taylor-García

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley
    Comparative Colonialisms; Class, Gender, Race, and Sexuality Studies; Cultural Studies; Phenomenology; Decolonial Theory

  • Kamala Visweswaran

    Kamala Visweswaran


    Ph.D., Stanford University

  • K. Wayne Yang

    K. Wayne Yang

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
    Youth Culture and Pedagogy in the Emergence of Social Movements

Professor Emerita

  • Robert R. Alvarez

    Professor Emerita

    Ph.D., Anthropology, Stanford University
    U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Ethnography; Transnational Markets and Entrepreneurs

  • Ana Celia Zentella

    Professor Emerita

    Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
    Anthro-Political Linguistics, Bilingualism, Child Language Socialization, Latino Spanish and English Dialect

Affiliated Faculty

  • Patty Ahn

    Assistant Professor, Communication

    Critical histories and theories of U.S. television, transnational media studies with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, gender and sexuality studies, and popular music

  • Luis A. Alvarez

    Associate Professor, History

    Comparative race and ethnicity, popular culture, Chicana/o studies, Latina/o studies, African American studies, U.S.-Mexico borderlands, transnationalism, resistance, identity and community formation, cultural theory

  • John D. (Jody) Blanco

    Associate Professor, Literature

    Filipino literature; nineteenth-century Latin American and Caribbean literature; anti-colonial thought

  • Boatema Boateng

    Associate Professor, Communication

    Globalization and culture, intellectual property law, gender studies

  • David Borgo

    Associate Professor, Music

    Jazz, ethnomusicology, integrative studies
    dborgo@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Julie Burelle

    Assistant Professor, Theatre & Dance

    Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Native American studies,First Nations Theatre

  • Robert Cancel

    Assistant Professor, Literature

    Oral literature; modern African literature and film; Caribbean literature

  • Gloria Elizabeth Chacon

    Assistant Professor, Literature

    Indigenous literatures of the Americas; Chican@/Latin@ literary and cultural movements; Central American poetics and politics; US Central Americans; Latin American literary and cultural theories

  • Thandeka K. Chapman

    Associate Professor, Educational Studies

    Schooling outcomes of desegregation policies in urban and suburban districts, institutional racism in school climate, curriculum, adult and student relationships, and school policies, teaching and learning writing in secondary classrooms

  • Dennis Childs

    Associate Professor, Literature

    African American literature and culture; Black literary modernism

  • Erica Cho

    Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

    Experimental film, short-form narrative, and LGBTQ and Asian American media art

  • Luz Chung

    Lecturer/Supervisor Secondary World Languages, Educational Studies

    Critical pedagogy, multicultural and multilingual education, and service-learning

  • Frances Contreras

    Associate Professor, Education Studies

    Equity and access for Latina/o; Underrepresented students in the education pipeline

  • Anthony Davis

    Professor, Music

    African American music; the integration of improvised and notated expressive resources
    adavis@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Zeinabu Davis

    Professor, Communication

    Altering and diversifying the terrain of mass media, film history, world cinema and folklore

  • Ricardo R. Dominguez

    Associate Professor, Visual Arts

    Co-founder of Electronic Disturbance Theater; co-Director of the THING, an ISP for artist and activist; former member of Critical Art Ensemble; member of the New York Zapatistas; performances, tactical media events, direct actions on the streets and around the world
    rrdominguez@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Gerald D. Doppelt

    Professor, Philosophy

    Ethics and Social Justice
    gdoppelt@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Steven P. Erie

    Professor, Political Science

    Urban politics, public policy, ethnic/minority group politics, and American political development

  • Ivan T. Evans

    Professor, Sociology

    Power, culture, and social revolt; sociology of intellectuals

  • Camille F. Forbes

    Associate Professor, Literature

    Nineteenth-century African-American literature and culture; African-American performance; American literature; cultural studies
    cfforbes@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Nadine A. George

    Professor, Theatre & Dance

    African American studies, feminist studies, theatre history, and dance history

  • Jessica Graham

    Assistant Professor, History

    Twentieth century U.S. and Brazil, (U.S.) African American and Afro-Brazilian history, race, political ideology, cultural policy/diplomacy, and transnational history

  • David G. Gutiérrez

    Professor, History

    Chicano movements; immigration history
    dggutierrez@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Joseph Hankins

    Associate Professor, Anthropology

    Social movements of labor and identity, multiculturalism, neoliberalism, stigma; circulation, materiality, processes of recognition, publics; Japan, East Asia
    jdhankins@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Michael Hardimon

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    19th century German Philosophy, ethics, and social and political philosophy; development of ethical thought in German philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche, and its relevance for contemporary ethical theory; "normative meta-ethics"; applied and professional ethics and philosophical problems of race
    mhardimon@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Louis J. Hock

    Professor, Visual Arts

    Films, video tapes, media installations, public art practice
    lhock@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Tara Javidi

    Associate Professor, Electirical and Computer Engineering

    Communication networks, stochastic resource allocation, stochastic control theory, and wireless communications
    tjavidi@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Sara E. Johnson

    Associate Professor, Literature

    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century anglophone, francophone and hispanophone Caribbean literature and theory; African-American literature; literature of the Americas; cultural studies of the African Diaspora

  • Makeba Jones

    Lecturer, Educational Studies

    Urban education and educational equity, social and cultural organization of schools, student engagement, tracking/ability grouping, secondary school reform, educational policy, teacher professional development, school-university partnerships, and youth leadership

  • Bennetta Jules-Rosette

    Professor, Sociology

    Ethnographic Film, sociology, semiotic studies of religious discourse, tourist art, and new technologies in Africa

  • Dredge Käng

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology

    Anthropology of love, beauty, sex work, sexual health, structural violence, and Hallyu (Korean Wave) studies. Geographic specialization is Southeast Asia (Thailand), with particular attention to inter-Asia and Asian diaspora connections

  • Martha Lampland

    Associate Professor, Sociology

    Political economy, history, feminist theory, science studies, social theory, and the symbolic analysis of complex societies

  • Jin-Kyung Lee

    Associate Professor, Korean and Comparative Literature

    Modern Korean Literature; Gender Studies; Korean Diasporic Cultures
    jinkyung@ucsd.edu | Website

  • James Lin

    Professor, Mathematics

    Algebraic topology

  • Simeon Man

    Assistant Professor, History

    Asian American history, transnational U.S. history, politics of race and empire, history of social movements

  • George (Jorge) Mariscal

    Professor, Literature

    Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spanish culture; Chicano/a studies; U.S. literature of the Viet Nam War

  • Luis Martin-Cabrera

    Associate Professor, Literature

    Peninsular and Latin American Literature and Culture; TransAtlantic Studies, Spanish Film, Critical Pedagogy, Cultural Theory

  • Wendy Matsumura

    Assistant Professor, History

    Transnational labor struggles, development of class antagonisms, gender oppression and racialized discourses in the Japanese empire

  • John C. Moore

    Professor, Linguistics

    Spanish syntax, causative and restructuring constructions, lexical semantics, judgment types
    johnmoore@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Dana Murillo

    Associate Professor, History

    Intersections of colonialism with gender, ethnicity, identity formation in early Latin America

  • Elizabeth Newsome

    Associate Professor

    Visual Arts Ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, including the Aztec, Olmec and Izapan cultures
    enewsome@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Hoang Tan Nguyen

    Associate Professor, Literature

    Asian American visual culture, Southeast Asian cinema, queer cinema, experimental film, race and pornography, film programming, and video production

  • Kyong Park

    Professor, Visual Arts

    Public Culture, urban landscapes, contemporary social geography, visual arts, architecture, theory and curatorial practices, and activism in public spaces

  • Danielle Raudenbush

    Assistant Professor, Sociology

    Health and well-being of low-income people living in the United States, health in urban contexts, social cohesion among the urban poor

  • Vanesa Ribas

    Assistant Professor, Sociology

    International Migration, Race Relations, and Work

  • Emily Roxworthy

    Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance

    Performance studies, race relations, interculturalism, and Asian American theatre

  • Rosaura Sánchez

    Professor, Literature

    Nationalism, ethnicity, and politics; critical theory; cultural studies; Third World studies; gender studies

  • Gershon Shafir

    Professor, Sociology

    Director, IICAS; Comparative-historical sociology, with emphases on nationalism, ethnicity, and citizenship rights
    gshafir@ucsd.edu | Website

  • Christo Sims

    Assistant Professor, Communication

    Science and technology studies, moral and political anthropology, and design

  • Erin Suzuki

    Assistant Professor, Literature

    Asian American literature, Pacific Island literatures, American literature 1850-present, transpacific studies

  • Saiba Varma

    Assistant Professor, Anthropology

    Medical and cultural anthropology, questions of violence, medicine, psychiatry, and politics as they pertain to Indian-controlled Kashmir and South Asia more generally

  • Olga Vásquez

    Associate Professor, Communication

    Education, Language and Ethnic Identity

  • Kathryn Walkiewicz

    Assistant Professor, Literature

    Native American and Indigenous studies, early U.S. literature and culture, nineteenth-century literature and culture, hemispheric studies, print culture, and formations of U.S. empire

  • Mariana Wardwell

    Associate Professor, Visual Arts

    Modern / Contemporary Latino American Art History

  • Brad Werner

    Professor, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

    Coastal Processes, Coastal Oceanography, Global Hydrography and Circulation, Modeling and State Estimation of the Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate

  • Daniel Widener

    Associate Professor, History

    African American and Californian history; expressive culture, race and ethnicity and political radicalism

  • Tom K. Wong

    Assistant Professor, Political Science

    Politics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant illegality

  • Elana Zilberg

    Associate Professor, Communication

    The borders between anthropology and cultural studies as they converge in debates about public culture, and Latino and Latin American studies as they intersect with developments in new critical area studies
    ezilberg@ucsd.edu | Website

Temporary Faculty

  • Justin de Leon


    Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-3:30
    Office Location: SSB 243

    Fall 2017 Courses
    ETHN 103 - Environmental Racism
    ETHN 160 - Global Indigenous Studies

    Winter 2018 Courses
    ETHN 104 - Race, Space, and Segregation
    ETHN 113 - Decolonizing Education

    Spring 2018 Courses
    ETHN 110 - Cultural Worldviews of Indigenous America
    ETHN 111 - Native American Literature

  • Melissa Hidalgo


    Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30-4:30
    Office Location: Art of Espresso

    Fall 2017 Courses
    ETHN 143 - Chicano/a Film and Media Studies
    ETHN 116 - United States-Mexico Border in Comparative Perspective

    Winter 2018 Courses
    ETHN 185 - Discourse, Power, and Inequality
    ETHN 189 - Special Topics in Ethnic Studies

    Spring 2018 Courses
    ETHN 120 - Race and Performance: The Politics of Popular Culture
    ETHN 139 - Chicano Literature in English

  • Lisa Ho


    Office Hours: Tuesdays 12-1
    Office Location: Sequoia Hall 134

    Fall 2017 Courses
    ETHN 20 - Introduction to Asian American Studies

    Winter 2018 Courses
    ETHN 152 - Law and Civil Rights

    Spring 2018 Courses
    ETHN 129/USP 135 - Asian and Latina Immigrant Workers in the Global Economy

  • Nadeen Kharputly


    Office Hours: Wednesdays 11:15-1:15
    Office Location: SSB 252

    Fall 2017 Courses
    ETHN 105 - Ethnic Diversity and the City
    ETHN 177 - Listening to the World

    Winter 2018 Courses
    ETHN 151 - Ethnic Politics in America
    ETHN 166/LTEN 179 - Arab/Muslim American Identity and Culture

    Spring 2018 Courses
    ETHN 118 - Contemporary Immigration Issues
    ETHN 189 - Special Topics in Ethnic Studies