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  • Congratulations to Faye Caronan (PhD, 2007), Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies, Ethnic Studies Dept. at the University of Colorado, Denver, whose book ”Legitimizing Empire Filipino American and U.S. Puerto Rican Cultural Critique" was published by University of Illinois Press, June 2015.
  • Congratulations to Kalindi Vora, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at UCSD whose book, "Life Support: Biocapital and the New History of Outsourced Labor” was published by University of Minnesota Press, April 2015.
  • Congratulations to Yến Lê Espiritu, Professor of Ethnic Studies at UCSD whose book, "Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refuge(es)” was published by UC Press, August 2014.
  • Congratulations to Malathi Iyengar, Ph.D. candidate whose article: "Not mere abstractions: Language policies and language ideologies in U.S. settler colonialism”  is published in the most recent issue of Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society journal.  http://decolonization.org/index.php/des/article/view/19559
  • Congratulations to Cecilia Rivas (PhD 2007), Assistant Professor in the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies at University of California, Santa Cruz. on the publication of her new book,  Salvadoran Imaginaries: Mediated Identities and Cultures of Consumption (Rutgers 2014).
  • Congratulations to Amrah Salomon Johnson, Ph.D. student whose article: "When Social Media Becomes Social Justice: Denuncias Inside and Outside Chicano/a Studies." whose article is published in the Spring 2014 issue of Chicana/Latina Studies: the Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS).  It's part of a special issue on "Heteropatriarchal Institutional Violence and the Future of Chican@ Studies".
  • Congratulations to Kit Myers, Ph.D. candidate, whose paper " 'Real' Families: The Violence of Love in New Media Adoption" has been accepted for publication in the journal Critical Discourse Studies, slotted for its February 2014 issue.
  • Congratulations to Shelley Streeby, Professor of Ethnic Studies and Literature at UCSD whose book, "Radical Sensations: World Movements, Violence and Visual Culture” was published by Duke University Press, 2013.
  • Congratulations to Ma Vang (Ph.D. 2012) and Long Bui (Ph.D. 2011) on their recent publications in the prestigious journal "Postions: East Asia Cultures Critique" (Summer 2012).
    Ma Vang: "The Refugee Soldier: A critique on Recognition and Citizenship in Hmong Veterans; Naturalization Act of 1997."
    Long Bui: "Globalizaion and Public Cartographies of Vietnam Idol."
    Both Ma and Long are not UC President's Postdoctroal Fellows at UC Riverside.
  • Congratulations to Christina Carney, Ph.D. candidate, who has an essay, based on her MA thesis, published in the edited collection, "Wish To Live: The Hip-hop Feminism Pedagogy reader", edited by Ruth Nicole Brown and Chamara Jewel Kwakye (published Sept. 2012). Christina's publication is Chapter 7 in the book.
  • Congratulations to Adria L. Imada, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at UCSD whose book, "Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire” was published by Duke University Press, July 2012.
  • Congratulations to Lisa Cacho (Ph.D. 2002) on the publication of her first book: Social Death: Racialized Rightlessness and the Criminalization of the Unprotected (NYU Press, 2012). Lisa is currently Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, English, Latina/Latino Studies, LAS Global Studies, and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  • Congratulations to Ralina Landwehr Joseph (Ph.D. 2005, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at University of Washington in Seattle) whose book, "Transcending Blackness: From the New Millennium Mulatta to the Exceptional Multiracial' will be published by Duke University Press, Fall 2012.
  • Congratulations to Julietta Hua (PhD 2006, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, San Francisco State University), whose book, Trafficking Women’s Human Rights: How images of sex trafficking produce notions of race, sex, and citizenship maps the ways in which government, media, and scholarship have described sex trafficking for U.S. consumption. As her investigation takes us from laws like the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act to political speeches and literary and media images, it uncovers dark assumptions about race, difference, and the United States’ place in the world expressed—and often promoted—by such images. The framing itself, exploiting dichotomies of victim/agent, rescued/rescuer, trafficked/smuggled, illustrates the limits of universalism in addressing human rights. More information about Hua's book, published by University of Minnesota Press, is available at . 
  • Congratulations to Ruby C. Tapia (PhD 2002, Associate Professor of Women's Studies and Comparative Studies at Ohio State University), on the publication of her new book, American Pietàs: Visions of Race, Death, and the Maternal (Univeristy of Minnesota Press, 2011). In her book, Tapia reveals how visual representations of racialized motherhood shape and reflect national citizenship. Among Tapia's previouos publication are a co-edited anthology on women prisoners, Interrupted Life: Experiences of Incarcerated Women in the United States, Rickie Solinger, Paula C. Johnson, Martha L. Raimon, Tina Reynolds, Ruby C. Tapia, published by UC Press.
  • Congratulations to Ethnic Studies alumna Ashley Lucas (PhD, 2006, Assistant Professor of Dramatic Art at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Center for Dramatic Art) who has co-edited, with Jodie Michelle Lawston,Razor Wire Women: Prisoners, Activists, Scholars, and Artists, just released from SUNY Press.  This is an unusual and extraordinary book because it combines many types of scholarship with creative writing, nonfiction essays, and artwork to address issues surrounding women and incarceration.  More information is available at:
    and the website (http://razorwirewomen.wordpress.com/).
  • Congratulations to Ethnic Studies graduate students José Fusté and Vanessa Saldivar for their excellent contributions to the forum in the new American Quarterly called "Chicano-Palestinian Connections." Jose's essay is called "Containing Bordered 'others' in La Frontera and Gaza: Comparative Lessons on Racializing Discourses and State Violence." Vanessa's is titled "From Mexico to Palestine: An Occupation of Knowledge, a Mestizaje of Methods."
  • Congratulations to Ethnic Studies doctoral candidate Ayako Sahara, whose article "Refugee Rescue as a US Imperial Practice: The Role of 'Operations New Life/Arrivals' at the End of the Vietnam War" has been published in the journal of the Japanese Association for American History, America-shi kenkyu (American History) vol.33 (2010).
  • Congratulations to Monika Gosin (PhD 2009) whose chapter, “'Other' than Black: Afro-Cubans Negotiating Identity in the United States,” is included inUna Ventana a Cuba y los Estudios cubanos, A window into Cuba and Cuban Studies, edited by Amalia Cabezas, Ivette N. Hernandez-Torres, Sara Johnson, and Rodrigo Lazo. (Ediciones Callejon, Puerto Rico, 2010).
  • Congratulations to Theresa Cenidoza Suarez (PhD, 2008) and Miget Bevacqua (PhD, 2010) whose work was published in the exciting edited collection, Militarized Currents: Toward a Decolonized Future in Asia and the Pacific, edited by Setsu Shigematsu and Keith Camacho; (University of Minnesota, 2010). The title of Theresa's chapter: "Militarized Filipino Masculinity and the Language of Citizenship in San Diego." The title of Miget's chapter: "The Exceptional Life and Death of a Chamorro Soldier: Tracing the Militarization of Desire in Guam, USA."
    Julietta Hua (PhD, 2006) has published "'Gucci Geishas' and Post-Feminism: Race, Gender and the Politics of Consuming the Other."  in Journal of Women Studies in Communications, Special Issue: "Power Feminisms," 32, no.1. 
    This op-ed article by John D. Márquez (PhD, 2004) appears on the website the Grio: "To stop the growth of violence, understand its roots" 
  • Myrna García's essay "Creating Home in Chicago in the 1970s: Voices of Mexican Laborers" will appear in the Anthology of Mexican and Chicano Writers in Chicago and in the Midwest, edited by María A. Beltrán-Vocal, Paul Martínez Pompa, and Irasema González.
  • Paula Marie Seniors (PhD, 2003, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech), will be the recipient of a 2009 Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Book Award (for junior faculty whose academic careers span 10 years or less from the Association for the Study of African American Life and History) for her book, Beyond Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Culture of Uplift, Identity, and Politics in Black Musical Theater (Ohio State University Press, July 2009). The award will be presented to her by the Association of Black Women Historians. 
  • Multilingual San Diego: Portraits of Language Loss and Revitalization, edited by Ethnic Studies Professor Emerita, Ana Celia Zentella, released on March 16, 2009, is a collection of articles written by UCSD's ethnic studies students. The price is $25.00 and royalties from the book will benefit Ethnic Studies Department fellowships and scholarships. Order your copy here. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to this book.
  • Congratulations to Ethnic Studies doctoral candidate, Tere Ceseña, on the publication of a book chapter based on her MA thesis in Dancing across Borders: Danzas y Bailes Mexicanos by Olga Nájera-Ramírez, Norma E. Cantú, and Brenda M. Romero. 
  • Congratulations to Ethnic Studies Assistant Professor, Roshanek Kheshti, on the publication of her article, "Musical Miscegenation and the Logic of Rock and Roll: Homosocial Desire and Racial Productivity in 'A Paler Shade of White'" in the December, 2008 edition of American Quarterly